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Serving the Towns of Guilford, Branford and North Branford
Recreation in Branford
BRANFORD PARKS AND RECREATION MOTTO:  "Where the benefits are endless"
The parks and recreation department offers affordable structured activities for all age groups, from toddlers to seniors.  Some of the activities include rhythm and movement classes for preschool ages, tennis lessons and gymnastics for toddlers through 10 year olds, swim lessons for ages 4+, yoga and swimming for seniors.
The Department also offers many special events for the community:  the Toddler Halloween Party and Parade, calls from Santa for registered children, a town tree lighting spectacular on the Branford Town Green the Saturday after Thanksgiving, an adult scavenger hunt and an Easter egg hunt.  These are just a few among many other activities. has detailed informatiion on all of Branford's Park and Rec offerings.  Also, you may call (203) 488-8304
What’s Special about the Shoreline Greenway Trail?
For those of us who live in Branford and Guilford, our beaches, town parks and land trust properties provide access to the healthy exercise that makes living along the shoreline so attractive.  But some pieces of that outdoor exercise matrix  have been missing, and the Shoreline Greenway Trail will fill these gaps.  The SGT will be the only trail on the Shoreline where we can safely use a wheelchair or push a stroller.  It will be the best trail for seniors and other less able people to take a walk (as distinguished from a hike).    Our goal is to make the trail accessible to people of all ages and abilities.  while linking  Branford and Guilford to our neighbors, East Haven and  Madison.
If this were a rails-to-trails proposition, it would be much easier.  But our all volunteer organization is seeking to build a trail where none has existed before:  25 miles of trail that depends on the cooperation and vision of town governments and private entities to make it happen.  SGT is fortunate to have an extensive membership of strong supporters who understand the personal and economic value of having such a trail.
Progress is being made in all four towns.  But what is happening in ours? 
The Guilford SGT team has just recently received public support for their first proposed trail section, which will be funded by state and federal grants.  At a public hearing on August 13, more than 50 residents, some of them homeowners along the proposed trail, spoke positively in response to the preliminary design for an almost one mile Trail section on the south side of Route One, connecting Guilford to Madison from Boston Street to the Madison town line at the East River.  This bicycle/pedestrian trail will be completely separate from Route One on CT DOT right-of-way. SGT and town officials will now proceed to the final phase of trail development. Residents and businesses like the idea of safe walking and biking along an aesthetically pleasing path between Guilford and Madison.
The Branford team is working with the town to bring the short section between Pine Orchard Road and Birch Road to completion.  While it is currently in use, the trail has suffered from erosion due to altered conditions, and it has not been finally graded and surfaced.  We hope to complete our repair and surfacing by the end of the fall.  In the meantime, Branford has a completed trail section in the woods to the north of Tilcon Road, and we’ve improved the connection between this section and the Stony Creek Trolley Trail, which will be a part of the Shoreline Greenway Trail.  One short term priority is to provide safe off road walking and biking between the town center of Branford and Stony Creek.  The Branford and East Haven teams are also cooperating on a bold new venture to connect their towns via the Farm River: stay tuned for further developments. 
It is encouraging to see so many residents of our beautiful shoreline towns getting out into the fresh air, walking and biking.  It is also encouraging to see them joining in an organization such as the Shoreline Greenway Trail to improve safe greenway walking and biking in our towns. Together, we are making this happen!